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About Us

Some things are born of genius, and some things are born of need. The Apricus Club is nestled rather neatly down the halfway point of those two ideas: the need being of a dedicated platform for the youth to interact with organizations. 

Various Purposes can be served by this, including recruitment, management, networking, and relationship building, among others. 

The core team at T.A.C. is 100% comprised of Highschool Students. [Organically sourced, of course - We don't want to offend the vegans.]


The diversity of the founding team combined to form a formidable mix of drive and motivation that was unparalleled in its effectiveness. 

Why the past tense? Because, regrettably, the original core team found it too taxing to continue with studies and  T.A.C. at the same time.

The good news: we're hiring! Add your name to the list of volunteers who wish to be matched to suitable opportunities, or apply to work at the core team itself.

The core team here has only one rule of operation - nothing done by half-measures.

Because nobody remembers the man who went only halfway to the moon.

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